ticketing site.

  • Built the back-end for this ticketing/e-commerce content management system.
  • Integrated the front end with the back-end of this site.
  • Developed a script that successfully imports event feeds from two separate external ticketing APIs and combines them into a single feed/database.
  • In version 2.0 of the site I developed the back-end to allow regular users to create events and sell tickets through this e-commerce platform.
  • Developed the content management system that gives regular users access to their dashboard allowing them to create product events, manage orders, send out e-mail invites and render financial reports.

The image below shows you the interface that allows a user to create an event and create different ticket types for the their event.

Once the user creates the events the webpage generated look like the one below where other users can buy tickets or rsvp for that event.

Email invites are generated by the system and can be sent to a user uploaded list. The system also allows users to manage their lists and keep track of sales generated by the event.

Built the back-end/CMS for this ticketing/e-commerce site.

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